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Sips & Suds Laundromat Cafe in Gingoog

The newest and only laundromat cafe to date in Gingoog has been operating since May of this year.

If you are the type who doesn't have much time to do the laundry (because let's face it, it's really time-consuming) or like me who wants fresh, clean-smelling clothes without having to do it by myself, Sips and Suds Laundromat Cafe is your new best friend.

Nowadays, people are smarter and delegate tasks to make life easier. Do you agree?

Their small but instagrammable cafe and washing area will welcome you as soon as you step in the cafe

Feel free to stay and enjoy their food while waiting for your laundry to get done. This was what we did

Your perfect spot if you come as a group

Of course you will love taking pictures here as every spot is picture-worthy

Scandi feels!

Regular rates:

  • Regular Clothes up to 7 kgs - P175 (laundry detergent and fabric conditioner included)

  • Regular bedsheets and towels up to 5 kgs - P175 (laundry detergent and fabric conditioner included)

I believe they have a different rate for thick fabrics like duvets and comforters.

If you plan to come to get your laundry done while waiting, I recommend you bring a book to read or bring a friend to chat with and have some of their pastries, milk tea, fruit tea, or smoothie. However, you also have the option to drop and pick up your clean laundry once done. They will send you a text once it has been completed.

They are located at Door 3, Nunez Bldg., F. Dugenio St., Brgy 22-A 9014 Gingoog City (near the City Hall).

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