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Practical Christmas Gifts

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope that you got to celebrate the holidays with your loved ones. As for me and my family, we decided to give practical gifts to relatives and friends this Christmas. We wanted the gift to be something that the person will really be able to use.

In the photo you will see a very beautiful handweaved door mat, pillowcase, jars and pot holders. Sure, they are something you wouldn't usually buy but they are undeniably useful in the household.

To make it extra special, we placed them all in this wonderfully weaved bayong (native bag). Nothing goes to waste even the packaging!

How about you, did you prepared any gifts for your loved-ones this Christmas?

Here is a photo of me with some of the bayong bags that I own. I bring them with me anywhere and it served its purpose well. I am definitely keeping these and will keep sharing this with anyone who shares the same love for anything native.

Let me know in the comments your Christmas gift ideas - I'd love to hear them!

Again, Merry Christmas and I wish that whoever is reading this is safe, healthy and well!

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