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Westwoods Storeys: Reimagine Urban Living in Cagayan de Oro

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Living in Cagayan de Oro is a constant pulse of energy. Don't get me wrong, I love the city's vibrancy, but even the most enthusiastic city dwellers crave moments of retreat. So when Pueblo de Oro Development Corporation invited me through CDO Bloggers to explore their latest project, Westwoods Storeys, imagine my excitement!

They made me curious with their statements of forest-resort-inspired condo living and low-density haven. Is Westwoods Storey a city escape with nature nearby, or a hidden forest haven in Cagayan de Oro?

You won't want to miss what I am about to share so join me as I delve into Westwoods Storeys!

westwoods storeys plan board

Pueblo de Oro, a trusted name in Cagayan de Oro's property development, unveils Westwoods Storeys as its newest masterpiece. This exciting venture blends modern comfort with nature-inspired design, creating a unique haven in Cagayan de Oro.

westwoods storeys sanctuary

Sanctuary in the city

The development is strategically located near a protected urban rainforest where towering trees provide a refreshing escape from the city heat plus the fact that you'll have the best of both worlds: access to city amenities and the tranquility of nature.

Low-density design

Forget crowded high-rises and cramped condo units. At Westwoods Storeys, each unit is thoughtfully designed with ample space for relaxation by having fewer units per floor, offering a more serene environment for its residents. It also requires less energy for heating, cooling, and lighting. This can contribute to more sustainable development.

westwoods storeys low density condo

Sustainable living

Westwoods Storeys isn't just about aesthetics; it's about living a greener lifestyle. The project is carefully designed with a deep respect for the environment. The development's focus is on sustainable practices and its EDGE (Excellence in Design for Greater Efficiencies) certification to ensure a minimized ecological footprint. EDGE is a prestigious international certification program that recognizes buildings for their superior resource efficiency based on energy efficiency, water efficiency, and material efficiency.

Convenience at your doorstep

Its prime location eliminates the need for long commutes. The strategic location in uptown Cagayan de Oro ensures easy access to everything you need. Shopping centers like SM City, a variety of restaurants, entertainment hubs, and transportation options are all within a short distance.

Peace and connection

They have a comprehensive amenity package, allowing residents to relax, unwind, and create lasting memories. Their amenities are thoughtfully designed to enrich one's life creating a truly exceptional living experience.

westwoods storeys swimming pool

So if you want the modern comfort that Cagayan de Oro gives but want a life surrounded by nature and a sustainable community, Westwoods Storeys is for you.

Pueblo de Oro is set to elevate condo living to a whole new level with a seamless blend of modern living with the charm of a forest retreat. Westwood Storeys is a front-row seat to the symphony of nature. Could this be your dream home?

Contact Pueblo de Oro today and discover how Westwoods Storeys, a proud example of green development, can be your forest resort haven.

westwoods storeys map cagayan de oro

Discover tranquil, convenient, and sustainable urban living with Westwoods Storeys.


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