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An Overnight at the Foot of Mt. Balatukan

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

A weekend getaway at Mt Balatukan sounds like an excellent idea to escape the summer heat and enjoy some refreshing mountain air.

So off we go!

Mt Balatukan is a beautiful mountain located in the province of Misamis Oriental, Philippines, known for its lush forests, stunning landscapes, and cool temperatures.

This private property is located at the base of Mt. Balatukan which is 30 minutes away from the city proper. It is located in Brgy. Kalagonoy, the home of Oolong tea. The area has two bahay kubo that can accommodate up to 6-8 pax.

This is us escaping the summer heat by heading somewhere uphill - a great idea to enjoy cooler temperatures and a refreshing environment.

A photo from the entrance of where we are staying. Captured is the majestic Mt. Balatukan

Of course, the youngest of the family, Bubbles, is always on the go :)

They may be wildflowers, but just like any other flowers, they look beautiful when in full bloom.

On the right of this photo is a part of the bahay kubo

Summer sizzles and so does the grill! 🔥🌞

Embracing the wilderness, one delicious meal at a time 🌲🏔️

There's something enchanting about the mountains that has always captivated my heart. The crisp air, majestic landscapes, and the calming rhythm of nature always capture my heart.

In the mountains, time seems to slow down and I get to chill there forever. There is something about the simplicity of life outdoors that offers a unique kind of joy and contentment that's hard to find elsewhere.

How about you, where's your favorite escape?


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