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My Birthday 2021

This year, without really intending to, my family started celebrating each other's birthdays someplace we've never been to. For my 33rd birthday, we went to Luna Graciano's A-Frame House. Going there is only a 45-minute drive away from home. We are so blessed with quite a few home vacation rentals near us. What's even greater is that we don't have to go anywhere else to experience Baguio-like weather: cold, foggy, crisp even under the heat of the sun.

Originally, I wanted a similar package from someone in Butuan. But because there was noone to hand carry it and no more time to travel to pick it up, we DIY-ed

For the love of Thieves Household Cleaner by Young Living, I DIY-ed the souvenirs

This is life

They have a mini park for kids to enjoy themselves while the adults are busy exploring ;)

Our baby Xam. She slept in the tree house

Giving you an idea how the road looks like going up there

If you can, travel locally. Support local entrepreneurs, buy from your friends, visit and explore what you have in your own backyard. If you can DIY and use props that are reusable, you are doing a great job in helping minimize the use of single-use plastics (balloons, drinking straws, plastic cups, etc.)

Thank you for dropping by to read this entry. I wish you abundance, happiness, and love!

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