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See you on TikTok!

The introverted personality in me couldn't believe it! I never imagined that I would end up loving TikTok more than Facebook. Hehe.

TikTok contents (if filtered and curated) are great. I usually watch homecooked meals, baking, parenting tips, household cleaning and organization (I love this!), and random videos that land on my FYP page.

My page is far from perfect. But I love that I have started taking care of it.

I'm not sure what you'd like to see on my page, but I have started creating content about VA life, working from home, my VA journey, and making my version of trending pa cute or funny content :)

Let me know what you want to see on my page. Ideas are welcome!

P.S. Follow me and comment on my videos if you found me here so I can follow you back :)

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