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New Recreation Spot in Misamis Oriental: Matampa Pines - Little Baguio

True to its description, Matampa Pines Little Baguio is a foggy and breezy place where you can visit, relax and experience what its like to be reunited with nature under the towering pine trees, majestic view of the wall of mountains and stunning scenery of the coast and the priceless sunset.

The spot is 8.5 km from the National Highway in Salay, Misamis Oriental and 65 km away from Cagayan de Oro City. It is accessible by car, scooters and even mountain bikes.

You may bring your own food or buy at stores while still at the Poblacion in Salay. There are picnic tables and few cottages already available at the pines for an affordable fee or rent and the canteen is yet to be constructed.

Upon entering the spot, you will be welcomed with towering pine trees, almost perfectly lined standing a few meters next to each other.

Further is the camping ground with cabanas, camping tables, cottages and chairs.

The place is a breath of fresh air and natural wonders.

We were the last group to depart from the area. Just when we were about to go, charm, the sunset was so stunning that even the picture cannot give a real feel to how it was to witness one.

Few things to consider aside from all the warnings that you will see here are:

  • Canteen is not yet open as of this writing. You may need to bring your own food, drinks and water

  • No enough area to shield everyone if there's rain. Bring your own umbrella to be safe.

For more information about the place, you may check their well-managed Facebook page.

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