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Camp Zion: Mountain-side Weekend Getaway

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Panampawan, Claveria, Misamis Oriental

August 13-14 2021

Check-in time: 2 pm

Check out time: 11 am

Landmark: If you come from Gingoog City, after Jaco's Stopover, there's a road on the right side. Enter that road and head straight until you reach the camp gate.

Perfect for those who want an exclusive area to celebrate special events or even without, the place is a must-visit if you are looking for a semi-outdoor camping set-up.

Their default accommodation is up to 10 pax. Additional persons will get charged P100/adult and P50/child regardless if they will stay overnight or not.

After the heavy rain. The fog covered the mountain view
There's one room on the second floor and 3 sleeping tents
Bring a lot of "hot drinks" to keep you warm
Do not miss both the sunset and the sunrise
Pets and fur babies are welcome. Just keep them leashed so that they won't mess with the well-maintained plants

Without further ado, I will enumerate the pros and cons as far as I am concern. Please remember that this is my experience, and I do not represent the people I was with during this stay.


  • The place is quiet and foggy. It is perfect if you need a relaxing stay.

  • The view is a-ma-zing

  • Their big kawa was a plus to experience (although you'll need to pay an additional P250/use)

  • Sleeping tents are complete with mattresses, pillows, and a thick blanket

  • Several rattan hammocks (may be used for sleeping or when having a siesta)


  • Accessing the camp may be a challenge if you don't have a car

  • Currently, their power (electricity) relies solely on a power generator. The staff will turn it on only from 6 pm - 10 pm. So charging gadgets will be an issue. Tip: bring a fully-charged power bank or plan the use of your devices. Do not use too much data to save battery.

  • Tap water is not running sometimes (but I heard this is an issue in some areas in Claveria)


  • Arrive early so there's time to roam around, enjoy coffee or tea time with the sunset and make every minute count

  • If you are bringing your pets, keep them leashed if you leave them unattended, and always clean your pet's mess.

  • Bring everything you will need during your stay because the main road is approximately 2 km (I guess) from the campsite

Upon our arrival at the campsite around 2 pm, a downpour accompanied by strong winds welcomed us. Note that only me and four others arrived early. Because the house was open, there was barely a chance that we won't get wet. Thankfully we were able to hide our dry stuff under the sink. If the downpour happened at night where everything was set up already and with everyone present, we would all get soaked with rain. However, since the campsite is still new, there's still a lot of room for improvement.

If I were to rate my experience from 1-5, 5 being the highest, this would be my verdict:

View: 5

Accommodation: 4

Power and Water: 3

Customer Service: 4

I hope this blog will inspire you to travel locally every once in a while :)

Let me know if you've visited Camp Zion already and what were your experiences.

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