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A Nature Recharge at Camp B-bai

Whether you need a short nature trip, a quick getaway or celebrate something special with family and friends, Camp B-bai is one of the the ideal destinations within the province.

Only 20 minutes away from Gingoog City where I live, Camp B-bai is situated in the municipality of Medina, Misamis Oriental. If you are not familiar with the place, it is located on the same road where the famous Duka Bay Resort is situated.

It is family-friendly (and pet-friendly too) beach camping ground where you can relax or engage in different activities as they have:

  • Picnic tables & chairs

  • Horseback riding and snake petting

  • Kiddie playing area

  • Boho area (with large buri carpets on the ground and hanging dream catchers)

  • Teepee huts for overnight stay

  • Toilet and bath

  • Sink and grilling area to prepare food

  • Several food stall that cater different kinds of food variety

  • Beach across the street that they also manage

My sisters in their twinnie post
Lay or sit, nobody cares!

I would say that the camp was a safe place for an overnight stay, working staff were hospitable and our overall experience was awesome.

This is the teepee hut where we stayed at for a night. Photo from Camp B-Bai's Facebook Page
How it looks like after sunset. Photo from Camp B-Bai's Facebook Page

For more info and teepee hut rate inquiries, please send them a message on Facebook.

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